Our Process

How Our Projects Flow

Here we hope to describe the stages that you can expect from a project with us.

Design & Planning

We have the expertise and experience to help design your project with you to create a beautiful, personalised, unique end product. Most exterior projects need planning permission or other lawful certificate that we can help advise you on.


Site Survey

First we perform a full measured survey. After the survey, it takes up to ten working days to produce drawings showing the existing structure and layout.


The Design

Our specialised design team can then work with you to create a bespoke design whilst always ensuring that we remain within your budget. To make sure we get the best outcome, this normally includes two or three face-to-face meetings and takes between four and five weeks.



When you are happy with the design and we have ensured that it won't conflict with structural requirements and it fits within the council's guidelines, we prepare and submit your application for planning permission or permitted development. We then act on your behalf for the eight week process responding to any enquiries and making sure that the application is handled effectively.



If structural engineering is required, we commission it during the planning process. This type of information is needed for building control and for any Party wall discussions. The process takes two to four weeks depending on the scope of the project.


Once the design and planning are in place there is still alot that needs to be organised before work can commence. This includes choosing your contractor and often tying up any loose ends before we can get your project to site. Party Wall Awards, Temporary Works Designs, Licences to Alter all happen during this stage (this list is by no means exhaustive). Most importantly this is where we generate the quote to build your project.


The Quote

This involves one of our pricing team visit your property, talking through your design so that they get a full understanding of what you want to achieve and then generating a detailed quotation. This is a very detailed element of work and can take up to ten days to complete.


Party Wall

This is something due to its requirement of impartiality that we cannot offer in-house; but we can recommend surveyors we have worked with in the past and can assist you with any information they require. This process can take up to eight week and is the most common cause of delays on site.



Vital to a successful project is producing a detailed programme setting out the key stages of the build. The programme highlights the key elements (kitchens, glazing, sanitary ware etc.) that need to be synchronised to ensure timely delivery to site.


Contract and Deposit

Once the quote is agreed we generate a contract for the works. This is normally either Federation of Master Builders or a JCT contract but we are happy to work with other types too. Attached to the contract will be the detailed programme and the payment schedule should no contract administrator be appointed.


Building Control

We are very comfortable working with the local council's building control teams but are also flexible should you wish to appoint an independent surveyor.

The Build

The build is where we cut our cloth - for the duration of your project you will be in the capable hands of one of our project managers. They manage all items required on site, are forecasted with realistic lead times and will ensure the project is running on time and inline with the agreed quote and specification.


Pre Start Meeting

Before your start date we introduce you to your Project Manager and Site Manager who will be with you for the duration of the project.


The Build

For the duration of your project we will ensure that our sites are compliant with health and safety, we monitor temporary works and manage all liaison with the council and building control. We constantly check the standard and quality of the work. We have considerable experience of working with any specialist sub-contractors, should they be required and use modern technologies and materials.


Project Management

For the duration of your project we like to have weekly meeting to keep you abreast of what is happening, check on the progress if customer supplied items and ensure the project runs smoothly without delay.


Interior Design

We can also help you with the interior design across the entire property or just specific rooms. We can be as involved as little or as much as you would like and are adept at sourcing items from a long list of suppliers.


Audio Visual (AV)

We can design, install and commission bespoke Audio Visual and Home Automation systems to fit with your requirements. All works, from first fix to commissioning, will be carried out by Flow.


During the finishing stage, the site will become a hive of activity with specialist tradesmen applying the finishing touches to the build. Once our specialist tradesmen have applied the finishing touches to the build we can then carry out the final install of AV, furniture and soft furnishings.


The Completion

At the end of the project, we will carry out a complete inspection of the works with you and together we will sign off the project. You will be left with all the manuals, warranties and instructions for equipment that has been fitted in your newly renovated home.


AV and Interiors Installation

After the completion of the build works all furniture and soft furnishing items that have been ordered with our interiors team and all the AV items will arrive and be installed by us. This is to ensure that the nothing is damaged by the build.


Retention period

You hold on to a retention payment for three to six months. At this stage we contact you to arrange a visit and run through what snagging works are required. Your project manager will then arrange a suitable time and programme for the works to be carried out. Once this is complete, your project is now fully complete.