Flat and House Extensions

Flat and House Extensions

Flat & House Extensions

Are you on the lookout for a way to increase the living spaces in your home without the hassle of moving house? We will be happy to explore your options for extending your living space.

Flow Property Services brings years of experience and quality craftsmanship to the table. Our team of experts will create the perfect plan for your family’s unique needs and aesthetic preferences. We have garnered a reputation for delivering superior results and a remarkable customer service. Trust, credibility and peace of mind are the cornerstones of our unwavering commitment to take your vision from concept to project completion. Let our expert consultants guide you through the design process:

If you wish to add more counter space then a kitchen extension is recommended. This is a great way to add value and space for your culinary endeavours making your life easier and a lucrative purchase for future buyers. In addition, we understand the struggle of sharing a sink in the morning but adding dual sinks may not be an option due to limited space, so why not consider extending your bathroom. The right size addition is going to open endless possibilities such as whirlpool tubs, television for the guys etc. We will make sure that the design is not only stylish but functional as well. You can redesign your bedroom to give it more space.

Make your life as easy as possible with a room addition to fit your needs. We are the experts for second floor extensions. This is one of the easiest additions to your home that will drastically increase the square footage of your home. If you like your parents to live nearby then give your parents the privacy they deserve by designing an additional room. You can always keep a check on them without having to travel the distance.

Here is what to expect when you hire Flow Property Services for house and flat extensions:

We will guide you every step of the way. We will have an initial meeting where design drawings will be developed to meet your budget and the needs of your space. Our team will walk you through the loan and permit process. We will coordinate time frame and inspections so that your project is delivered according to schedule. We will monitor the entire process and construction to ensure quality is maintained. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach us.

Ready to Get Started?

Let Flow Property Services help you with flat and house extensions that are bound to make your home your style statement and meet the needs of your family. Call us at TEL:0800 707 9002.