Our Services

Our Services

Residential Refurbishment

Are you looking for the best property refurbishments service London has to offer? Then look no further than Flow Property Services. Our team of home experts can manage virtually any type of home refurbishment or renovation project. Our dedicated property refurbishment London team will work directly with you to alter your home, business or office space to meet your desired outcomes. We can completely rework an existing loft space to create a new living space that meets your current lifestyle needs.

Loft Conversion

You want a loft conversion in London, but there’s so much to handle: planning permissions, building regulations, budget and time considerations, fixings, furnishings, and that dreaded party wall. You’re in need of the best loft conversions service London has to offer, but you don’t know where to turn.

Kitchen Renovation

Does your kitchen seem a bit outdated? Are you in need of a modernisation? Perhaps you’re wanting updated cabinetry, all new counter tops, or the latest and greatest kitchen equipment. Or maybe you’re just looking to add value to your home and know that the kitchen is a great place to start.

Bathroom Renovation

You want a bigger bathtub or shower. You’d like to move your bathroom sink and install a double to replace your single. You want an updated, modernised, water-saving toilet, or a dual shower head installed in your shower. There’s just one problem: you have no clue where to begin your bathroom renovation project.

Property Maintenance

Home ownership can be a challenge. Properly maintaining your home or rental properties can require specialised skills and expertise, depending on the project. What’s more, many home and property owners are simply too busy with work and their personal life to adequately address all property maintenance needs.

Painting & Decorating

Flow Property Services has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional services for painting projects. Our aim is to deliver a high end finish while ensuring competitive prices and meeting customer expectations. We have worked over a diverse range of projects across industry sectors. We firmly believe that to establish long term relationships with our clients we must deliver precisely what they expect from us.


No matter whether you need help with carpentry repairs at home or want to install a new latch on your door, our handyman services are always available to tackle your carpentry problems for you. We promise you that our handyman will complete any repairs and improvements your property needs according to your specific requirements.

Flat & House Extensions

Are you on the lookout for a way to increase the living spaces in your home without the hassle of moving house? We will be happy to explore your options for extending your living space. Flow Property Services brings years of experience and quality craftsmanship to the table. Our team of experts will create the perfect plan for your family’s unique needs and aesthetic preferences.


Are you looking for a professional to set up the wiring in the new shed that you built? It is always better to get an electric job done by a skilled professional rather than taking a risk yourself. Flow Property Services brings experienced electrician that can tend to any minor or major electrical tasks that you might have around the house, thoroughly and efficiently.



To ensure the utmost quality, we have hired experienced, highly qualified and skilled plumbers. They are polite, friendly, professional and efficient. They ensure they deliver before their promised deadlines. So when hiring us, you can rest assured that your work will be done with consistency and quality. We manage our projects with strict adherence to project management guidelines.