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With the passage of time your space requirements change. Your family might be growing or your kids might be at a stage where they all want their own personal space. Moving house may not be a feasible option for a multitude of reasons. For instance, you may already live in a neighbourhood that you like and moving elsewhere is simply too expensive. Furthermore if you have children then you don’t want to uproot them from school as they are settled there. In addition, your place of work is nearby and that makes savings in the form of fuel expenses and commuting is much easier. We can offer you a solution, consider hiring a professional for a house extension in Hampstead Heath. Flow Design & Build is a one stop shop for house extensions and renovations.


We have got you covered for property design, building and maintenance. Whether you are planning  to add a bedroom or bathroom, or you want to increase the size of your kitchen to create an additional dining area, we can help you with design and building services. We have a very simple yet systematic approach to interior and exterior design. The very first thing we do is meet you to understand exactly what you want. Then we brainstorm ideas according to your aesthetic and functionality needs. The next thing we do is share those ideas with you and get your input on the same.


We believe that for any house extension in Hampstead Heath to be successful, we need to keep two things in mind, one, the client’s preferences and two, their budget. We do not compromise on quality for your budget. In fact we try and find a way around it to give you a house extension that is quality but within budget. The way we manage this is using effective project management, which allows us to meet all our deadlines. We have a fair idea of how long something is going to take to complete and plan our schedules accordingly.

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